Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick by Marc Jacobs




Happy Chinese New Year to all my Asian friends! I’m back in Kuala Lumpur for Chinese New Year and decided on a Sephora run. Ever since Marc Jacobs’ new Liquid Lip Crème came out, I’ve been dying to try it. Unfortunately, it’s not out in Asia just yet, only in America. However, I did manage to find the regular lipstick version of it at the Sephora in Malaysia. I bought it in the colour “Slow Burn”, which is a nude rose shade. The Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick boasts a 10 hour one swipe lipstick with high pigmentation. My first impression of this product is that while the colour is really pigmented and one swipe was enough, I found the lipstick a bit drying and stiff once on the lips and it did drag a little. I’m hoping that it was just because it was the first use. I can’t say for certain that this lipstick lasts for 10 hours because I’ve been eating throughout the day, and as everyone knows, lipsticks tend to come off while eating. My final thoughts on this lipstick is that it’s a perfect day time colour and its comfortable on the lips, after a while I forget that it’s there. I bought it for 126 MYR* and it retails for $30**, which is a bit pricey but considering it is from a luxury brand, the price is reasonable. I love the simple black packaging and the fact that the lipstick cap is magnetic so it will always attached to the lipstick as long as the lipstick and the cap are close together.

The Brand’s Description:

Indulge your pout with Marc’s new revolutionary 10 hour lipstick that covers your lips with buttery, creamy vibrant pigment with one pigment-saturated swipe. Experience unprecedented colour payoff from concentrated colour-boost pigments that are triple-milled and steeped in hydrating ingredients, so your lips experience ultimate long-lasting colour and moisture.

Instantly, lips feel plumped and nourished from powerful peptides, antioxidant-rich seaberry, and natural humectants, including meranti and cocoa butter. Never before has a hydrating lipstick provided such highly pigmented, long-lasting colour. All luxury. All day. No compromise.

Price: 8/10

Packaging: 9/10

Formula: 8/10 (while it is comfortable to wear, it is a bit too drying and stiff to be rated a 10/10)

Lasting: 8/10 (will have to try without eating)

*MYR is the Malaysian currency

** $ is in USD.


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