Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins


Retailing at $29.99* for a month’s supply, Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are quite pricey for gummy vitamins. If you want to try just one bottle, I would recommend buying it on Amazon Smile** for $32.99. On the Sugar Bear website, it is possible to buy just one bottle but the shipping charges start from $6, so buying through Amazon Smile is more worthwhile and you get the added bonus of having Prime shipping if you’re a Prime member. I bleached my hair about a year ago and since my hair was black, it took a few rounds to get it light enough that the purple would show. Ever since then my hair has been so dry and damaged that I was desperate to fix it. After trying Moroccan oil for a few months, the damage to my hair hasn’t gotten any better, that’s when I decided to try Sugar Bear after seeing it promoted through many celebrities’ Instagram. However, I know many celebrities are paid to promote them so I did some further digging. Throughout my research, I’ve read many positive reviews about these hair vitamins so I just had to try them. I ordered my bottle from Amazon Smile and with Prime shipping, it arrived in a two days. Once I received them, I started taking two a day, everyday, just as instructed by the back of the bottle. I didn’t notice any changes for the first week, but after the second week I noticed my hair falling out more than usual when I brushed it. Keep in mind that I don’t do anything special to my hair during this period of time, I stuck to my regular routine; I shampoo and condition my hair (everyday or every other day depending on how greasy my hair is), wrap it up in a towel then blow dry it. Continuing with the Sugar Bear vitamins, more and more of my hair keeps falling out. My hair is still quite damaged from the bleach and there are no visible changes. At this point, my dry and damaged hair has not improved and has thinned out considerably due to the fallout. Since I have done nothing different with my hair routine or my diet, it is safe to say it is the Sugar Bear Hair vitamins making my hair fallout. I still had about a week’s worth of gummies left and a huge reluctance and hesitance to finish them, but they were so expensive I just had to finish them. I don’t know why these vitamins did not work for me like they did for others but I would not recommend this product. The only good thing about these vitamins was the amazing berry flavour. Since I’ve finished the bottle, I’m hoping my hair will stop falling out.

Short version: Sugar Bear Hair vitamins made my hair fall out so much you can visibly see how thinned out my hair is, but they taste amazing.

Price: 7/10 (it’s just too expensive for hair vitamins, there are other brands out there that claim to do the same thing)

Packaging: 8/10 (it’s cute, simple, and minimalistic)

Worth the Price?: No

*All currency is in USD unless states otherwise

**Amazon Smile is the same thing as Amazon but Amazon Smile donates a portion of your purchase to the charity of your choosing.


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